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Eomac /Lakker (ENG/ JPN) 桃太 インタビュー

Eomac /Lakker (A half of) 

The Irish producer & DJ Eomac currently lives in Dublin who has over ten years of musical experience in countless genres (Punk, metal, broken beat and noise were some of the influence).

Now he is producing techno and releasing his productions from such as Code Is Law , The Trilogy Tapes and Killekill .  

Also he is a half of Lakker (with Dara Smith) who is also releasing many productions from Killekill, Blueprint and Stroboscopic Artefacts.  

Eomac has a long experience in music, played piano when he was young and making music since he was six, Eomac project was started in 2007.

Q:  It was very impressing show at Humboldthain Club on 11/29 /2013 by The29Novfilms.   You showed your abilities of sound creating and manipulating, everything was perfect.
I'm sure that you enjoyed it.  

Was it the fast time you play at Humboldthain Club in Berlin and for The29Nov film as Eomac? 

Have you ever played as Eomac in Berlin before?  How do you feel different between playing as Lakker?

Eomac: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.  I enjoyed it very much. It was the first time I played in Humboldthain and for The29Novfilms though I have worked with them before, they’ve made videos for some of my releases.

I’ve played in Berlin a few times before, at Subland and Suicide Circus, and at the Krake Festival at Keikebusch last August. I always enjoy it. 

The Eomac sets are different from Lakker in that they vary into different styles a lot more. Lakker is a more focused, slightly darker, more electronic sound whereas Eomac is whatever I want it to be given my mood on any given night. 

I make a place in my Eomac sets for sounds that may seem out of place in Lakker. Also there is a live and visual element to Lakker, where Eomac is a DJ thing when I play out. I really want to explore what I can do as a DJ with Eomac.

Q:  Sound good.  Going back to The29Novfilms show, what did you want to accomplish or how did you want to play that night?

Eomac: I wanted to accomplished what I always want to when I DJ – to create and sustain an atmosphere that takes people on some sort of journey for the duration of the set. 

Something that flows and makes some sort of sense to me, sonically, musically, from start to finish. Nothing specific, just an abstract idea of flow that feels right to me.  And hopefully that translates to whoever is listening.

Q: What are the connections between you and The29Novfilms?   They made very amazing videos for your tracks. How did you meet them?  Do you tell your theme of your track, Myth of Origins?

Eomac: They are connected with Killekill – and are friends of the Killekill crew – so I met them that way. They did a video for my ‘Spoock’ 12” which generated a lot of interest in the track. It was a really fucked up, nasty video that seemed to suit the eerie nature of the track! 

Then they did videos for my releases with Code Is Law which were equally well received. 

Particularly the ‘Myth of Origins’ one. That’s great. I had no input into the making of that. It’s The29Novfilms people reacting to the music and that’s what they made. I think it really works.
I am really grateful for the work they have done, as it has helped promote my music to a wider audience.   

So I was delighted to be able to play their birthday party.

Q:  How did you connected to Killekill?

Eomac: That was through a friend of mine, Simon, who makes music as Swarm Intelligence. He was living in Berlin at the time and he had got to know Nico (DJ Flush) who runs Killekill. 

Nico heard a mix that Simon had done that contained the first version of what became ‘Spoock’ (very similar to the version that was released, just a bit longer…)  and Nico asked who the track was. Simon put him in touch with me and we took it from there….

Q:  That is really good. I read that you make music everyday even a small part of the loop. Are you usually inspired by something? Or just go with the follow? What do you use for your productions?  

Eomac: I try to make music every day, though that’s not always possible. But as often as I can anyway. I love doing it, it’s what I feel I am here to do. And the more you do something, the more you learn, the deeper you go. 

I sometimes start from being inspired by another source – could be another piece of music, a film, a speech on youtube, a sunset….Those times are usually great. Yield great results. 

But sometimes I will just sit down and start messing around with a sound or idea and see what happens. I have no set way of working really. No track templates. 

Tracks start different ways all the time. I like it that way. It can be frustrating because sometimes I end up doing the same basic things in a number of tracks – which if I had templates saved would probably speed things up – but at the end of the day it’s the way I like to work.

I’m all in the box. I use Ableton for everything.

Q:   What is your favorite tracks? Which artiest is always inspired you?

Eomac: My favorite tracks are tracks that have some honest emotional depth, like the recent Burial EP ‘Rival Dealer’. 
Those three tracks are awesome. Burial’s not afraid to really pull on the heart strings in a very emotive way. But it’s always so honest it never becomes cheesy. You can feel the sincerity in every sound, every note, every beat, every choice of sample. I love music like that.

The artists that inspires me, and has done for years, is Aphex Twin. He has that emotional depth I’m talking about – but he also has such a range, taking in everything from noisy gabber to classical piano pieces to drone / ambient music.  And he always does it with a masterful hand. 

Q: Do you have any gigs coming up soon?  What is your next project as Ecomac?  What do you want to do next year, a goal?

Eomac: Next up for me as Eomac is the debut album. It’s being released in April 2014 on Killekill. Before that I have an EP on Candela Rising, and also the debut 12” from my alter ego EeOo on Unknown To The Unknown. 

I’m excited by that. It’s a slightly more dancefloor / ravey sound than Eomac and I’m hoping this will be the first of a string of EeOo releases... So I’m starting 2014 by releasing a bunch of material!

Off the back of that I hope to do more gigs and get to play my music to more people worldwide, because I love doing that so much. And to just continue doing this for as long as I can. 

Q:  Wow, congrat!  Sound like exciting year for you.
Going back to Lakker, you and the other half of Lakker, Dara were in the band about 10 years ago.  Were you singer or playing instruments?  What instruments did you play?  

Eomac:  I did some vocals, but I wouldn’t call it singing! Kind of like a hype man / dancer, but I can’t MC either! So I’m not sure what I was. 
I did play keyboards on a few tracks too and was involved in the writing and studio aspect of the band. 
It was a fun time – late teens / early 20s playing banging tunes with your best mates… 

Q: You have released Eps from Stroboscopic Artefact for SA019, SA016 for remix and Monad XIV.  How and when did you meet with Lucy? How did you work with him? 

Is there any change after releasing tracks from his label? How do you feel like working with his label?

Eomac:  Lucy got in touch with us after we released ‘Spider Silk’ with Killekill and suggested we do something for SA. We were well up for it, being fans of the label and the sound. But it took a while for anything to actually happen – about a year after ‘Spider Silk’ we did the Dadub remix for SA016, then the Monad and SA019 12” followed on naturally from that.

We only met Lucy in person for the first time last June – we supported him in Dublin. He was cool, real open and full of good advice for us.

We really enjoy working with Stroboscopic. It feels like a good fit for our music – I think what we try and achieve with our sound and what Lucy is trying to do with the label are in similar areas, so it works.

It’s also a label that is well respected and seems to have been growing in stature since it started, so it’s also a great platform for us to get our music out to more people.

Q: Are there any Lakker's productions and events next year? 

Eomac:   Next up for Lakker is an EP in February on a label we are delighted to be working with. It’s a pretty big deal for us, but we don’t want to say too much yet until the official announcement. 

After that we are going to release an album as well – and there’s a noisy collaboration in the pipeline for later in 2014.

Other than that we want to keep doing the DJ sets and the AV show, and bring our sound to more people in more places in the world.

Thank you!

Eomac /Lakker  ( Dara Smithと一緒に活動)の半分

アイリッシュプロデューサ、DJのEomacは今はダブリンに住んでます。彼はミュージシャンとして10年以上もの経験があり、本当に広いジャンルに広がってます(彼はパンク、メタル、ブロークンビート、ノイズなどの影響を受けてます) 。

今はテクノをプロデュースし、彼のプロダクションはCode Is Law 、The Trilogy Tapes 、 Killekillからリリースされてます。

そして彼はLakker ( Dara Smithと一緒に活動)の半分です。Lakkerもまた多くの作品をKillekill、Blueprint、Stroboscopic Artefactsからリリースしてます。



Q:  11/29 Humboldthain Clubで行われたThe29Novfilms 7周年の パーティは素晴らしかったですね。君自身が音楽と一体になって、詳細に音楽をコントロールし、観客も完全に魅了されてました。君が素晴らしいサウンドを制作できるのが良く分かった。君はどう感じた?
今回、Humboldthain Club でEomac としてThe29Nov film の為に演奏するのは初めてだったんだよね?


Eomac: ありがとう。君たちが楽しんでくれて本当に良かったよ。僕も楽しんだ。

Humboldthain Clubで演奏するのは初めてだった。The29Nov film の為にもね。でも僕は彼らと一緒に仕事はしていた。彼らは僕のリリースのビデオをいくつか作ってくれたしね。

ベルリンではSubland と Suicide Circusで演奏したことがある。それと、去年の夏KeikebuschでのKrake Festival 。ベルリンでの演奏は楽しいね。





Q:  とても素晴らしい意気込みだね。ショーに戻るけど、The29Novfilmsではどういう風に演奏したかったの?目標とかあった?

Eomac:  僕はDJするときにいつも同じ目標がある。僕のセットの間ミュージカルジャニーにみんなを連れて行くような雰囲気を作り出し、最後まで保ちたい。時々すべてが(音速、音感)とても意味が有るような感じで最初から最後まで巧くいくときがある。


Q:  The29Novfilmsとはどういう繋がりだったの?君のトラックで良いビデオがいくつか有るよね。どうやって知り合ったの?
君のトラック、Myth of Originsの表題はスーパーヒーローみたいだよね。それは彼らに伝えたの?

Eomac:  彼らはKillekill(ベルリンのレーベル)のチーム と仲がよく、みんな友達だ。そして僕は彼らに出会った。

Code Is Lawから出たリリースもとても好評だった。特にMyth of Origins。僕は何も彼らに伝えなかったね。


Q: じゃあKillekillとはどうやって出会ったの?彼らが君を見つけたの?

Eomac: それはSimonだ。彼はSwarm Intelligenceという名前で音楽をつくっていて、Nico (DJ Flush) 彼は Killekillの共同経営者の知り合いだった。

Nico は Simonの作ったSpoock(一番初めのバージョンで長めの物)の入ったミックスを聞いた。それは誰かってNicoが聞いて、Simon が僕らの仲を持ち、ここから始まった。

Q: それは自然でいいね。ところで君は、例えばちょっとしたループでも毎日作るって読んだけど。いつもは何かにインスパイヤーされているの?


Eomac: 出来るだけ毎日作るようにしているけど、それを続けるのはむずかしいね。多くの頻度で作るよう努力している。





いつも決まった方法は無いね。 トラックのテンプレートも無い。





Q: すごいね。君の好きなトラックは?どのアーティストに君はいつもインスパイヤーされる?

Eomac: 僕の好きなトラックは正直な深い感情が入った物、Burial “EP Rival Dealer”の様な物だ。これらのトラックは凄いね。



アーティストで僕がインスパーヤーされるのは、もう何年もにもなる。これはAphex Twinだ。彼は僕が今話した、エモーショナルな深さが有る。


Q:  次に、Ecomacのプロジェクトについて聞かせて。新しいショーや、プロダクションのプランがあるの?来年はどういう年にするの?ゴールも聞かせて。

Eomac: Eomacとしての次はプロジェクトはデビューアルバムだ。これは来年の4月にKillekillから発売される。

その前にEP がCandela Risingからと、僕のもう一つの別名、 EeOo から12”がUnknownから “To The Unknown”というタイトルでリリースされる。本当に楽しみにしてる。



Q: おめでとう。凄いね。とても良い年になるね。


Eomac: ボーカルもやったけど、それを歌ったとは言いがたいね。ハイプマンみたいなダンサーみたいなもの。僕はMC が出来ないね。何だったかは解らない。


Q:  ところで、Stroboscopic Artefact からSA019、SA016 のリミックス と Monad XIVリリースしたよね。Lucyとどのようにしてであったの?どうやって一緒に作業をしたの?


Eomac:  僕たちがSpider SilkをKillekill からリリースした後で、Lucyが連絡をくれたんだ。


でも、実際何かするまでに時間がかかった。1年くらいだ。Dadubの SA016のリミックスをして、自然にMonad そしてSA019 12”と続いた。

去年の6月にはじめて Lucy に会った。 Lucy のサポートをダブリンでした。彼はとてもクールで、本当にオープンで、多くのアドバイスをもらった。



Q: Lakkerのプロジェクトはどうなっているの、今年と来年と聞かせて。リリースは多く出てくるの?イベントは?

Eomac:   LakkerのEP は来年2月に、尊敬するレーベルからリリースされる。ちょっと大きなディールだ。オフィシャルになるまでは、多くを語れないね。


その他は、なるべく多くの DJ セットとAV ショーと行い、世界中のより多くの人に僕らの演奏を見てもらう事だ。


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