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Blind Spot Music Liss C BSM028

Source: Blind Spot Music BSM028     Techno

今回はスパニッシュのLiss Cが 彼の素晴らしい3 EP(ADSR)を届けてくれました。

Liss Cは、素晴らしいリリースをRez、Wall Music、 Software、そして彼自身のレーベルのdigital LCR そして、彼のバイナル専門のレーベルLC Seriesから出してます。
BlindspotではLiss Cを自信を持って紹介します。

Liss CasaroはLiss C. の名前で知られてます。彼は今現在ベルリンの住んでます。彼はプロデューサー、DJです。DJとしては、10年以上の長い経験があります。

彼は242、Kraftwerk、 Joy Division 、Sleeparchiveなどに影響を受けてます。


現在さまざまなアーティスト、Marcel Dettmann、Truncate、Norman Nodge、Speedy J、Samuli Kemmpi、Developer、Shifted、Perc、 Chris Liebing、Rebekah、Tommy Fourseven,、などからサポートを貰ってます。



彼のブランドのLCR そして新しく始まったばかりのバイナル専門のLC Series、こちらからはTruncate、Attemporal、 Samuli Kemppi、Miss Sunshine、Sleeparchive などのアーティストがリリースをし、同じく多くのサポートを貰ってます。


Blind Spot Radio Show 231 | Liss C. & Dr Hoffmann 
Dr Hoffmann:

01. Go Hiyama – Inequality (Original Mix) / Huehelix
02. D. Sabotage – Radio Jammer (Dorian Knox Remix) / Silent Storm
03. L.B. Dub Corp – Roller Featuring Function / Ostgut Ton
04. KWR – SS01 (Original Mix) / Illegal Alien Records
05. Hans Bouffmyhre – Bring It Back (Original Mix) / Sleaze
06. Paul Birken - Funnel Fiends (Original Mix) / Mord
07. Monocraft – Worm (Original Mix) / Crunch Control
08. Liss C. – Wet (Sleeparchive Remix) / LC Series
09. Unam Zetineb – Presage (Original Mix) / Affin
10. Hans Bouffmyhre – Flash Mode (Original Mix) / Sleaze
11. Mekas – Pervert Disco (Flug Remix) / Wall Music
12. Clouds – Complete Control (Original Mix) / Soma Records
13. Ferenc – Discrete (Gabeen Remix) / Zero Point Five
14. Loso – Unable (Original Mix) / Reloading Records
15. Floorplan – Higher! (Ben Sims Remix) / M-Plant

Liss C.:

01. Lag - DHC3 (Truss Remix) / Mord04
02. These Hidden Hands - A1 Laika (Marcel Dettmann Remix) / Hidden Hundred
03. Avadon Aka Yotam Avni - 001 (Unam Zetineb Remix) / Modular Expansion
04. Relapso - Persistencia (Mark Morris Persistente Remix) / Relapso 001
05. PVS - Arsenal (CTRLS Remix) / M_Rec Ltd
06. Spear - B2 Hunting Politicians / Dark Rose 01
07. Blacktee - Khora (Original Mix) / Circular 03
08. Subjected - 005.7 (Shifted Reduction) / Vault
09. Ritzi Lee - A1 Detect Signal / Belief System
10. Virgil Enzinger - Odic Force (Ryuji Takeuchi Remix) / Blind Spot Music
11. Paul Birken - Funnel Fiends / Mord05
12. Binny - Future Echo / Asgor
13. Yuuki Sakai - Fablo / Subsist Records
14. Liss C. - Concept / Nulldreissig

Source: Blind Spot UK 

This time the Spanish Liss C. delivers us a great 3 tracker EP, the ADSR.

Liss C. has released great tracks on labels such us Rez, Wall Music, Software or his own imprints the digital LCR as well as the vinyl brand LC Series and we proudly welcome him on the board.   

Artist BIO

Liss Casaro, better known as Liss C. , who actually lives in Berlin, is a dj and producer with a long way behind the decks and productions. Started on music scene 10 years ago, from 242, Kraftwerk, Joy Division or Sleeparchive are some of the inspirations of his personal “vision” of music. Always walking about techno, he started to produce 6 years ago, trying to show his personal way of techno, where has been supported/played by top artist, like Marcel Dettmann, Truncate, Norman Nodge, Speedy J, Samuli Kemmpi, Developer, Shifted, Perc, Chris Liebing, Rebekah, Tommy Fourseven, Xpansul, Danny Tenaglia, Rino Cerrone to name a few.

Influences from London to Berlin, where he is actually based, energetic sets, loud basslines and acid tick, is what you can expect from Liss C. 

Label owner of LCR and his new own vinyl brand LC Series, where we will find talented artist like, Truncate, Attemporal, Samuli Kemppi, Miss Sunshine, Sleeparchive and many more. Already supported as well by top artist like, Marco Carola Dj Hiperactive, Richie Hawtin, Smash TV, Truncate, Samuli Kemmpi, Chris Liebing, Rebekah, Tommy Fourseven Attemporal, Xpansul, Gabriel Ananda or Michel de Hey. Sets compelling rooted in a strong low bassline make the dance floor where they live. Lot's of remixes and new releases scheduled for 2013 will keep Liss C. busy.

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